About the Artist - Laura Rose Logan

     I’ve always loved art. From painting, to drawing, to sculpting and more, I’ve always loved getting my hands dirty as I explored new ways to create something unique. Naturally, art was always my favorite class in school.

     Still, I always thought of it as more of a hobby than anything else. So when it was time to enroll in college, I decided to major in communications. As much as I enjoyed learning about film and television production, I couldn’t help but continually load up my schedule with extra art classes. Eventually, I figured I might as well get the credit, so I declared studio art as my minor. However, it wasn’t until years after graduation that I really honed my painting skills and found my place in the art world.


     Most of my artistic endeavors have been on a relatively small scale, and so I've been asked on more than one occasion, “How do you make it so tiny?” I honestly don’t know, and I could just as easily ask another artist, “How do you make it so big?” Working on a smaller scale just comes naturally to me, as I'm sure working on a larger scale just comes naturally to other artists.


     Can I create larger paintings? Sure! There are a few that I've done over the years, but something inside me always brings me back to the mini canvases. I like painting on a small scale, and after a considerable amount of practice, I decided it didn't matter how I was able to do it. The point was, I could do it.


     Realizing I might have found a very specific niche, my husband encouraged me to create Tiny Art by Laura Rose, where I could share my paintings with the art community. 

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